74th Annual Zilker Kite Festival

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March 1, 2002

Despite the recent cold snap, Spring is dangerously close. The trees are sprouting that first hesitant vernal fringe of light green. Giant, odd weeds are growing rapaciously in unmown lawns and the Grackles are slowly being crowded out by birds of a lighter color and disposition. Soon enough you’ll be going sockless in your Birkenstocks and slathering on coconut scented sunblock like you’re headed for a Roman orgy. So, even if right now the thermometer is hovering just shy of tepid, you might want to wander back outside and get acclimated. Here’s something to do: Tie the bandana on the Labrador and head over to Zilker Park this Sunday for the 74th Annual Zilker Kite Festival. Yes, 74th. Since 1928 Austinites have plying the blustery March ether with all manner of tethered creations. This year’s festival will include over 200 homebuilt kites with prizes awarded for biggest, smallest, highest flying and most creative. There will also be a kite workshop for the kids, stunt kite demonstrations and a “Mass Ascent” in which all kites will be flown at once (If it’s exceptionally windy, you may want to throw on a helmet for this one. That nosedive on the noggin can really smart.) Lastly, chicks dig kites, dudes dig kites and if numbers mean anything, dogs dig kites. You should be able to hook up with at least one of the three, even if it’s only by a leash.

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