Lone Star Hot Rod and Kustom Roundup

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SAT. APR. 15, 2002

You should feel comfortable with your inclination to run screaming from anything whose name involves replacing a perfectly serviceable C with the purposefully illiterate K. It’s a natural reaction for most folcs who have been burned on previous encounters with names like Kountry Kitchen, Korn, Krab, and Kosher Deli. OK, skratch that last one, but you get the pikture. While the kasual kountry K is certainly an ace in the hole for those not wanting to sound too intellektual, let us not assume that there’s no mental meat on this chikken leg. On the kontrary, its very insidiousness implies a certain amount of intellekt. For instance, this weekend’s Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup is a smart bet. Saturday at House Park Stadium from 11am-6pm, you can check out a bunch of very kool, pre-1963 Hot Rod and Kustom Kars as well as a Klutch of kool rockin’ “The” bands: The Sir Finks, The Hollisters, The Leroi Brothers, The Derailers, The Blazers and The Paladins. There will also be artists, vintage dealers and hairkutz by Rob’s Chop Shop, and a multitude of krome and metallik flake paint. Wear some sunglasses – for the glare and just because…well…they’re kool.

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