Bruce Robison

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FEB. 14, 2002

Back in the days before St. Valentine you might have had the luxury of a fun, freaky partner-swapping penis totem fertility festival bent on mixing up the mating pool, but then Valentine and his ilk came along and saddled us with the whole chaste, romantic love thing – labial color scheme notwithstanding. Bummer. OK, so modern times demand a bit more subtlety. Relax. You can swing it. Just find the person you’ve been obsessing about for the last year, hour, or minute and tell him/her/both (hey, this is the Chronicle remember) that you are prepared to take him/her/both to the Bruce Robison show this Saturday. Bruce is all about subtlety. His latest CD, recorded in velve-tone, is about as smooth as you can get. Give it a shot. Nobody’s going to turn you down for being a Bruce Robison fan – nobody worth dating that is…

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