Lonely Highway

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SEPT. 13, 2002

Perhaps back when your parents laid down the Junior High curfew you heard your mother mutter “Nothing good ever happens after 10pm anyway.” Later, when you were sneaking out of the window for a rendezvous with Eddie in his primer-speckled, jacked up Camaro, you felt a twinge of guilt that she may have been right, but the lure of the forbidden was too much to resist. Age and experience now tell you that your mother wasn’t entirely wrong, nor was she entirely right. Fridays and Saturdays through the month of September something good is happening after 10:00pm: Lonely Highway, a performance piece at the Hyde Park Theatre penned by Hans Frank (the San Antonio based actor/musician, not the Nazi War Criminal). Winner of the 2002 FronteraFest “Best of the Fest” award, Lonely Highway is a white trash chautauqua of sorts featuring a simplteton/singer/sage named Sloppy Sean (Frank). Aided by Austin Critic’s Table nominated, “Best Actress” Rebecca Robinson and a bottom-of-the-line blow up doll named Yo Yo, Sean winds through 90 odd minutes of storytelling, music, trivia and current events – part improvised, part not. Of all the things happening on a weekend after 10pm, you could do a lot worse – especially for $10. Call Eddie. Tell him to warm up the Camaro.

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