Intergalactic Nemesis Redux

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JUN. 22, 2002

On 3rd Street, right behind the legendary, now defunct Electric Lounge is Gallery Lombardi, the quiet anchor in the “little corner that could” of the early to mid-nineties. These days the stylish, out-of-the-way gallery by the tracks is besieged by development, which should spell good news for local artists and culturati. The new attention is well deserved. For seven years under owner Ron Prince, Gallery Lombardi has supported local artists and the artistic community through a variety of events and exhibitions, both visual and otherwise. Prince himself is an artist and actor, and part of the operating expenses of the gallery are paid by royalties he receives from appearances on Laverne and Shirley. Through the month of June Gallery Lombardi features Salvage Vanguard Theater’s Intergalactic Nemesis Redux, a revival of its popular 1940’s style live radio serials about an impending alien invasion. The show features live sound effects by foley artists as well as music by the Golden Arm Trio (a.k.a. Chops Unlimited). Intergalactic Nemesis was written by Austinites Ray Colgan, Jessica Reisman, and Jason Neulander and rounded out by a talented local cast, so you can rest assured that you’re backing the home team when you cough up the $12 admission. If your wallet is a little light this month, take advantage of the Thursday night starving artist special where you can get in for half price with a canned food donation. Maybe you should take that can of creamed corn out on a date.

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