Will’s Mad Hatter Boat Party

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September 2, 2008

As your burnt-out lawn will attest, it was really hot and dry this summer. Thankfully, it’s almost fall. In a few more months, you may actually have to throw on some leg warmers with those hot pants and heels. It really depends on the look you’re trying to achieve with your Halloween costume. Temperature-wise it will still be hotter than dog shit in a skillet. So, in late October when you’re thrashing through the aisles at Lucy in Disguise with a couple of underarm sweat crescents in full blossom, try to remember that anything involving rubber, fur, or feathers should only be trotted out for effect – ideally in a pay-by-the-hour motel room with the thermostat set on 50. Otherwise, a Wal-Mart bikini, some pink flip-flops, and a Clearblue Easy wand should do the trick (hello … Bristol Palin?). Of course, in Austin, you don’t have to be topical to run around half naked. It doesn’t even have to be Halloween or Election Day. Here in River City, it’s legal to bare your boobs in public … as long as you don’t charge a cover. Same thing goes if you’re sporting moobs. In fact, as long as your boys are cradled in a slingshot or a jockstrap or maybe a bright-yellow banana hammock, you are walking on the right side of the law. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you don’t stand a chance of getting maced, Tased, or nightsticked by our boys in blue; it just means that when your case comes up for a hearing, you can impress the judge with your comprehensive knowledge of state and municipal statutes. She’ll probably still fine you for public indecency, disorderly conduct, or walking around in a bright-yellow banana hammock with your moobs hanging out (all three of which are basically the same thing), but at least you’ll have the legal, if not necessarily moral high ground. The main thing to remember is that in a couple of months, it will actually be pleasant outside – pleasant enough that your clothing won’t feel like a recently steamed tamale husk. By then, you’ll probably want to try out some new fall fashions or at least get some use out of the L.L.Bean stuff in your closet that you wear only three months out of the year. That may sound really nice and Rockwellian right now, but by November you’ll miss all the glistening tanned flesh and the smell of chemically created coconut. Cold weather is much too high a price to pay for pert nipples, so carpe the caliente diem while you can. How about a little recreational boating? This Saturday DJ Will Konitzer will be hosting Will’s Mad Hatter Boat Party on Lake Travis. Starting at Riviera Marina in Volente at 4pm, Will, along wth DJs Joshua Triplet and Rez, and special guest Andrew Parsons will be pumping up the jams on their party boat. Dress code: swimsuits and hats. Beer and hot dogs will be provided, but it’s still BYOB – that goes for booze and bowlers.

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