Now I’m 64: Paul McCartney’s Birthday Sing-Along

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TUE., JUNE 13, 200

Back in 1968 at the age of 28 John Lennon said, “Never trust anyone over 30.” He was killed 12 years later by a 25 year old. That doesn’t necessarily make Lennon wrong; it just makes the statement ironic. People under 30 are still developing their sense of irony and haven’t yet learned to avoid bold, declarative statements like “The Earth is flat,” “God is dead,” or “Mission accomplished.” They haven’t been around long enough for life to sneak up and yank down their trousers. Back in the Sixties, Paul McCartney worried (maybe fretted?), “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?” Smart move going with the interrogatory. A question is never wrong, it’s just a question. Apparently, the answer to Paul’s question is “yes” and “yes.” Paul turns 64 this Sunday, and with a net worth of somewhere around $1.5 billion, Paul can buy all the needers and feeders his heart desires. He can also buy his needers and feeders needers and feeders … and so on … a huge, writhing orgy of needing and feeding. When Sir Paul wrote the song he expected to spend his 60s rocking on a porch at the old-folks home rather than actually rocking, but with 1.5 bil in his knickers he should expect to rock it well past the century mark. That means he’s got at least two or three Superbowl halftime shows left in him. This Father’s Day, in an ironic kickoff to Juneteenth, the Alamo Downtown is hosting Now I’m 64: Paul McCartney’s Birthday Sing-Along. The Alamo’s own Henri Mazza and Owen Edgerton will lead the audience in a sing-along/tribute featuring “the greatest Beatles videos of all time.” If your pops is still sentient, there’s a good chance he’s a Beatles fan, so why not show him you still need him and feed him too?

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