Strings Attached with Slaid Cleaves and Eliza Gilkyson

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SAT. MAR. 30, 2002

I know you’ve been asking yourself the same question: Who put Easter in March? How did this happen? It seems a little early to be dusting off the pastels, boiling up eggs, and digging through your closet in search of that polyethylene bag full of green tinsel Easter grass. I suspect it has something to with April Fool’s Day. Maybe Easter really is in April but the man wants you to believe it’s in March. Maybe God is punishing the Canadians for beating us in hockey and whining about only getting the silver. Imagine all the little Canadian kids tunneling through the snow looking for frozen eggs… Down here in Austin, the grass is as green and the weather is as pretty as it ever gets, so the only down side is the chronological confusion. Might as well jump in with both feet. If you’re itching to go to church, you might want to try the Strings Attached concert this Saturday night at Hyde Park Methodist. The show features two of Austin’s finest songwriters, Slaid Cleaves and Eliza Gilkyson, backed up by a highly skilled ensemble of instrumentalists consisting of Will Taylor, Steve Zirkel, Glen Rexach, Shawn Sanders, and Brad Evilsizer. If you’re not too crazy about going to church, you can think of it as a smoke-free, listening-oriented environment with on-site child care.

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