Austin Cat Fanciers Spring Carnival Cat Show

Luv Doc Writings, The Luv Doc

APR 19. 2002

Back when people weren’t as smart as they are today, certain among us used to drive through Hyde Park with a 12-pack of Black Label playing a drinking game that involved taking a swig of beer every time a cat came into the field of vision. Although only a complete imbecile would recommend such a lethal combination, it should be pointed out that the twelve pack rarely lasted more than a few blocks and the car never exceeded 5mph. Why?

So many freaking cats. This town is crazy with cats. You figuratively can’t swing a cat without hitting a cat – and not a metaphorical cat, a real one. That’s why it’s a safe bet that this weekend at the Austin Cat Fanciers Spring Carnival Cat Show at the Travis County Heritage Center you’re going to see a lot of cats. Not the scruffy, semi-feral midnight howlers that seem to lurk just beneath your open window but rather cats that are brushed, combed, coiffed, clipped and on their best behavior. You got your long hair, your shorthair, curly hair and no hair (no messy furballs!) all meticulously judged by officials from TICA (The International Cat Association). Can a cat lover be a cat lover lover? Only one way to find out…

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