Extravagasm 2006

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MON., OCT. 30, 2006

Before you haul your entire fetish wear collection down to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store and begin your vow of celibacy as a nun, take a minute and consider the fact that the nun outfit is maybe one of the top five fetish costumes of all time, so you really wouldn’t be departing the realm of kink entirely, just visiting another fiefdom. As religions go, Catholics pretty much dominate the fetish market, and not just because priests historically have introduced so many young people to their first sexual experience. They also have some pretty hot costuming. Sure, you can argue that the loose fitting smocks and vestments were originally chosen precisely for their asexuality, but even though a nun’s habit shares more in common with a burka than a bikini, you’d be hard-pressed to find a decent bikini selection in a fetish shop – kind of ironic considering that ostensibly the Catholic Church has been the vanguard of sexual repression for nearly 2000 years. In fact, (props to the papacy) the One True Church has spiced up sex considerably over the Old Testament drudgery it once was. OT sex, other than some occasional masturbation, buggery, and incest, was pretty cut and dry. Jewish clergy were allowed to marry from the get-go. They were bumping uglies like they were the Chosen, so there wasn’t much need for pageantry. The early Catholics followed suit, but in AD300 the Council of Elvira (not the hot, big-bosomed mistress of the dark played by Cassandra Peterson, but the Spanish town) prohibited Catholic clergy from doing the nasty. Sex has been getting freakier and freakier ever since. Blame it on the Catholics if you want, but kink is here to stay. This Saturday, you can get a whole mess of it at Extravagasm (one “I” short of “Extravagism”), a fetish ball billed as a “celebration of sensuality, eroticism, and creative naughtiness.” This year’s theme is “Carnival of the Senses.” It should be a fun time, but maybe not the best time to begin your vow of celibacy.

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