6th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Festival

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AUG. 2, 2002

Any event that brings hippie kids, Phish dancers and the Deadhead tie-dye set to the tony shores of Lake Austin deserves a big thumbs up. This weekend The Pier on Lake Austin and Flounders Without Eyes play host to the 6th Annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Festival. Needless to say, when all of those shaggy music lovers descend on the peaceful shores of Lake Austin, things should get interesting – nearly as interesting as a Dead concert. Over the next couple of days the inhabitants of those million dollar lakeside estates will likely learn that this Garcia fellow is more than just a name on the side of an ice cream tub. They’ll also get a chance to see some really great live music just a stone’s throw from their boat slips. Starting Thursday over 15 bands will be appearing on two live stages. Some of the acts scheduled for this year’s festival are: Peter Rowan and Reggaebilly, the David Nelson band, Flounders Without Eyes, Larry, Olospo, Moses Guest, the Two High String Band, Magpu, Mellowship, Groovin’ Ground, The Majestiks, The Hemphill Climbers and last Free Exit. Festival goers can camp at Emma Long Park, swim in the river and take a free Lake Shuttle to The Pier once the music starts. The whole three day shebang will run you just over thirty bucks if you buy your tickets in advance, but day passes are available for higher maintenance types. Don’t worry, if you’re fresh out of tie-dye there will be plenty of crafts vendors to hook you up. You also might want to try some hemp which also should be available in abundance.

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