Boom Town

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JULY 19, 2002

Just a stone’s throw from the corner of 43rd and Guadalupe is a small, one story brick building that houses the Hyde Park Theatre. If you burn around that corner like most people, you’ll probably miss the beautifully painted mural of the Austin skyline on the West side of the building. What will more likely catch your attention are the orange road cones placed on the edge of the street to keep motorists from mowing down the intermission crowd. Like the neighborhood in which it resides, the Hyde Park Theatre is old and a little funky, but the folks inside are usually up to something new and interesting. This Friday is the opening night for “Boom Town,” a play penned by actor Jeff Daniels, the same beloved Jeff from films like “Dumb and Dumber” and “Something Wild.” Over the last decade, Jeff has been cranking out original plays for his Purple Rose Theatre, located in his hometown of Chelsea, Michigan.. “Boom Town” isn’t exactly a comedy, nor is it the David and David hit song, although interestingly enough David Baerwald of the aforementioned has recently made Hyde Park his home. Boom Town the play is about love triangle gone bad in a small Midwestern town and has been hailed as one of Daniel’s finest. This production, directed by Don Bradley, stars Margaret Hoard, Ken Bradley, and J. Damian Gillen looks to be well worth the $10 advance admission. If you’re still waiting on that Pharmaco check, you can take advantage of Thursday night’s “Pay-What-You-Wish” preview ($5 minimum).

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