Texas Pride Festival

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WED., JUNE 7, 2006

This week George W. Bush outed himself…as being against gay marriage. It’s not like he had a big gay fan base anyway. Even Log Cabin Republicans are wishing their log cabins had closets these days. With Bush’s approval rating hovering somewhere around thirty percent, Republican strategists took aim below the Bible belt, sucking up to the remaining wild-eyed Christian fundamentalists who are actually euphoric that Dubya’s foreign and domestic policies have put us on the fast track to Armageddon. Smart move too, because it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the God speaking to Bush is the fire and brimstone model from the Old Testament, and we all know how that ends. Like the OTG, Bush isn’t opposed to using flashy theatrics like fire and brimstone every now and then (aka “shock and awe”) to get his point across, but with budgetary concerns and an increasingly intractable Congress, he decided to go with a grand but empty gesture: An Amendment Banning Gay Marriage. Like his failed campaign to rid Iraq of WMD’s that didn’t exist, Bush took a last ditch shot at persecuting gays in the name of protecting families from a threat that doesn’t exist. If Bush really wanted to protect American families, he would get the sons and daughters and mothers and fathers of those families out of Iraq. Here at home, the “threat to American families” is having a big festival down at Waterloo Park on Saturday. Gays from all over Austin and Texas will be celebrating, among other things, their unique contribution to society. The park will be filled with booths from clubs, organizations, businesses, and artists who support the gay community. You can also expect the obligatory music, booze, and food. Bands include: Lisa Richards, Lisa Rogers, Kit Holmes, Flamin’ Desire, Omar Lopez, The Gadget White Band, and Daniel Link. Feel free to bring the family because no marriages are scheduled during the festival.

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