Gynomite-Goes-West-Benefit Eroticathon 2002

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TUES. FEB. 26, 2002

Some things are just too freaky to pass up: Spamarama, Eeyore’s Birthday, the office Christmas party, Westlake football games, and so on… Fortunately, Austin is blessed with a healthy number of happenings that trip the release valve on the pressure cooker of daily monotony. In fact, Austinites revel in freakiness more than most, thereby earning descriptions like “laid back” and “open minded,” and “liberal.” So, when an event comes along with a name like, “Gynomite-Goes-West-Benefit Eroticathon 2002!” our interest is bound to be piqued. If nothing else, any group bold enough to fuse (pun intended) the Greek root with the invention of either J.J. Walker or Alfred Nobel demands a closer look. Eroticathon 2002 is a pornucopia of poetry, spoken word, performance art and film of a decidedly feminist and yes, pornographic bent. Readings will be given by local writers and poets like David Jewell, Liz Belile, Genevieve Van Cleve, Samantha Peterson, Mike Henry and Spike Gillespie. If the porn doesn’t flip your freak switch, KOOP DJs “the Jennifers,” will be on hand with dance tunes and Kate “Triple X” Messer will be hosting “Sexy Karaoke.” Talk about blowin’ it up….

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