Dark Goddess

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JAN. 11 2002

With all the goddamned cedar pollen swirling about, it’s a wonder anyone can keep it together enough to stay even ankle deep in the dating pool. Torn by the maddening choice of a self-induced Benadryl coma or staying drug free in order to maintain the lightning-quick reflexes it takes to nonchalantly dab the quicksilver rivulet of snot perilously poised in your left nostril before dreamboat sees it and recoils in horror, it’s easy to see why most people choose to stay home and vegetate Not to mention that your red, itchy eyes give you the look of being constantly bereaved. The weather’s nice though, isn’t it? Those fortunate enough to have escaped the curse of the cedar owe it to the rest of us to enjoy life to the fullest. Start by attending Dark Goddess 2002 at the Vortex. Dark Goddess is a freaky mixture of original music, dance and spoken word performed in a ritual setting. This year’s show includes returning Goddesses Hekate (Greek goddess of witches and the like), Pele (Hawaiian Goddess of Fire), Lilith (the pissed off mythological first wife of Adam), and Kali (head-choppin’ Dark Goddess of India), as well as newcomers Rhiannon, Medusa, Sehkmet, Ala, Sedna, Mare, The Morrigu, Spider Woman, and Mummu Tiamat. Sounds heavy, but take heart; the Vortex web site says, “This is not the light and fluffy Goddess of years past, but as in years past, Dark Goddess 2002 contains female nudity.”

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