Trail of Lights 5K

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SAT., DEC. 10, 2005

Nobody likes a health nut. Nobody wants a sinewy, sportive, high-on-life, idiot-grinning endorphin junkie getting all up in their chili, talking about waking up at 5am so they can get in their hour and a half of high intensity cardio. On the conversational thrill meter the workout recap raps up somewhere between shop talk and church chat, which is to say the needle barely twitches above zero. If you have a problem with needing to share the mundane details of your unexceptional existence, learn to hold them inside – like a dirty, shameful secret or maybe a deep, expansive bong hit. You’re not doing anyone a favor by recounting your neurotically obsessive fitness regimen – no matter what wonders it’s done for you. In fact, while it may seem that you’re engaged in a mutually beneficial dialogue, the net result is something more like Narcissus gazing into the reflecting pool. You might even find that the recipient of your self-absorbed soliloquy will lose focus and wander off to the smoothie bar. Consider it a sign. Maybe the cocktail party invites have been tapering off since right about the time you personally took it upon yourself to share with the world the wonders of the low-carb diet. Good for you, Sparky, but realize that the self-help section is only a small part of the bookstore – the part most people avoid like a bloody-eyed Ebola monkey. Fitness, like religion, is something you do instead of talk about. If you’re bored shitless exercising so that you’ll be healthy enough to be bored shitless exercising later in life, cut your losses and check out now. If however you’re one of those people who view their bodies as simply a means to engage the world and all its wonderment, then you’ll probably want to show up for the Trail of Lights 5K, a nighttime fun run that winds its way through the Zilker Park Trail of Lights Saturday night. Finally a workout you can talk about…

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