The Austin Symphony’s Free Sunday Concert

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July 26, 2002

What’s the perfect follow-up to a hard-partying Saturday night of ear-splitting rock and roll in the “Live Music Capital of the World?” More live music, of course. Nothing can be more maddening than lying on the couch in your underwear on a quiet Sunday evening eating ramen and listening to your ears ring. Get out and live a little – mix with the locals. This Sunday night, July 28 you’ll want to pack a sandwich, some pickles and maybe an ice chest and head on down to Woolridge Park (you remember… that quaint little park with the bandstand across the street from the jail?) for the Austin Symphony’s final free summer concert. That’s right, no cover. Leave the earplugs at home too. This is live music of a subtler sort: mainly classics performed by an ensemble of generally respectable looking, decently groomed people who also happen to be skilled instrumentalists. You might want to show up a little early to stake out some blanket space and just to be safe, grease yourself up with the least offensive bug repellent available. Unlike the bloodsuckers across the street at the courthouse, the mosquitoes work 24/7. All in all, Sunday’s concert will be a nice way to soak up a little culture even if you’re not much into the symphonic scene, and it’s your last chance to do it this year.

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