Ain’t Misbehavin’ Reunion Show

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WED., MARCH 1, 2006

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?” It’s impossible to know for sure, but when Langston Hughes penned the preceding lines, he probably wasn’t talking about aging musicians. Surely he had heavier shit to deal with. Nonetheless, regardless of his intentions, Hughes pretty much nailed it. Somewhere along the line the aging musician realizes that he no longer sounds like a California Raisin, he actually looks like one. Growing older isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s especially hard on the narcissistic. Do you think Mick Jagger likes it when the groupies tell him to leave his leather pants on because they’re the only smooth skin on his body? That has to be a sock in the groin. Seriously … regardless of how much Viagra he’s taking. Sadly for most geezerockers, all the hoary hair throwing and the arthritically gnarled devil horns are just a pro forma paean to the glory days. They aren’t expecting to be swarmed by a backstage bevy of post-menopausal hot flashers. They’ve opened up their catalogue of motivations to a brand new page – the one without the lingerie models. The cold hard truth of the music biz is that if you qualify for an AARP card, it’s freakishly unlikely you’re going to blow up and hit the big time. Either you’re already there or you’re doing it purely for love, and love is where all the truly good stuff comes from. Well, love and Maui. Besides, just because the baby boomers are wearing a different type of diaper these days doesn’t mean their chops have gone to shit. Most can tear it up better now than they did when they were dazed and confused. For instance, this Saturday at Antone’s, Austin jazz/bebop/doo-wop band Ain’t Misbehavin’ plays its third reunion show since the band broke up in 1979. Twenty-seven years is a lot of down time, but they’ve been busy polishing their five-part harmonies, mastering their instruments, and putting together a show that would impress Fats himself.

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