Texas Greek Festival

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SAT. MAY 11, 2002

Austin is a diverse and exciting city. It’s the capital of Texas, true, but it’s also a college town. One need look no further than the giant, neoclassical limestone phallus on the hill to be reminded of the fact. That is why here, as in many other college towns in America, the term “Greek culture” is more likely to conjure up thoughts of keggers and hazing than mathematics and philosophy. Perhaps this is an ironic testament to the pervasiveness of ancient Greek culture, or perhaps it’s an indictment of our collective intelligence. Very likely it’s both. Whatever the case, these days authentic Greek culture gets short shrift, which is just one of the reasons the Austin Chapter of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association will be throwing a mixer this Saturday at Fiesta Gardens. OK, it’s much more than a mixer, actually it’s a full-on festival, complete with Greek food, bouzouki (look it up) music, folk dancing, cultural exhibits and an arts and crafts bazaar. Not only that, but $5 gets you in the festival from noon to midnight. It’s a safe bet that no one is going to call you to the carpet for wearing a toga, but if you plan on binge drinking, doing the gator, and swatting subordinates with a paddle, you might want to check into something a little closer to campus.

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