Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement

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SAT. JUNE 8, 2002

In the late Eighties, Americans were divided into two distinct ideological and aesthetic camps defined by their choice of Corey: Haim or Feldman. Haim lovers were a bright eyed, gullible, optimistic lot inclined toward sweetness and sincerity. Feldman fans, on the other hand, were more jaded, pessimistic types who appreciated Feldman’s relatively acute sense of sarcasm and begrudgingly tolerated his occasional knuckleheaded antics and exceptionally bad haircuts. Unwittingly perhaps, the early Coreys represented a pop cultural yin-yang that by the early Nineties had merged into a nondescript, irrelevant grey ball. The Coreys’ swan song was unquestionably the 1992 abomination “Blown Away,” an arguably soft-core porn thriller in which the Coreys get to drive around a ski resort in a Porsche and boink Nicole Eggert. While the movie was very possibly the Coreys’ teen fantasy, it was a straight-to-video critical nightmare that effectively sealed the sarcophagus on the Coreys’ flagging film careers. Sure, they’ve each made some flicks since, but none with the chutzpah of “Blown Away.” It is perhaps commendable then that nearly a full decade later Feldman is still plugging away, musically at least, with his band “Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement.” The Truth Movement will be throwing down this Saturday at the Six of Clubs, ostensibly in support of their latest CD, “Still Searching for Soul.” The music has been described as “Pink Floyd influenced Soul,” which is probably worth a look at, if not a listen to, but regardless of the tunes, Saturday’s show should be brimming with equal amounts of irony and nostalgia if not appreciative, screaming fans.

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