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SAT. NOV. 16, 2002

Admit it, you’ve always dreamed of dressing up as a man: pasting on the muttonchops, duct taping a giant braunschweiger to your inner thigh and ace bandaging those bazookas down to a manageably flat B cup. Add a dash of Old Spice and stuff a can of Skoal in your back pocket and you’re ready to rumble, tough guy. The only question is “where?”

Here’s where: Elysium, this Saturday night where the Austin Chronicle will be hosting its second annual drag ball. For the second straight year, Red River will be blessed with the crossdressed as New York drag kings Club Casanova blow into town to join Austin’s own Kings and Things for a night of gender bending ballin’. Of course, this devine evening of drag isn’t just for the testicularly challenged. Traditionally drag denotes dudes donning damish duds, so if you’re looking to get in touch with your inner chick, you’ll feel right at home too. It’s all about changing your perspective irrespective of your anatomy. Nair up, hair up, whatever it takes. Be a man. Be a woman. Be a woman being a woman. Be a man being a man. Be a man being a woman. Be a woman being a man. Do your part to Keep Austin Weird. It’s not just a bumpersticker, it’s a way of life.

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